A Model Landscape

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Grønholt Voldsted fotograferet skråt ovenfra en sen efterårsdag, hvor den farverige skovbund står i stærk kontrast til til de falmede træer.

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Grønholt Voldsted – GB
Groenholt Rampart – is one of more than 1.000 protected mottes and ramparts found throughout Denmark. Not much is known about the origins
of this small rampart – who built it, and when excactly. The first written mentions of this place date from the seventeenth century and mention
a “rampart in Tulstrup area...”.

It’s believed that the rampart was built in the early (Danish) medieval period, based on the type of build –a ‘motte’, (Basically; a fortification with a wooden or stone keep placed on a raised area of ground called a motte, surrounded by a protective ditch and palisades.)

In the beautiful green of summer, Groenholt Rampart is almost completely hidden from the air, and you’d hardly notice this 1000-year old ‘Motte’ in the forest. But come Autumn, the place is an explosion of colours. The dead and decaying leaves on the forest floor, which together with the green water and dark blue road make perfect contrasts to the colour- and leafless trees. Almost a perfect-ly shaped model landscape, just like the ones my grandfather spent endless days building for model trains.

It is possible to walk onto the motte – be careful though, at best the small wooden walkway is very slippery.