Anywhere your imagination takes you

Udsalgspris Pris 3.200,00 kr Normalpris Stykpris  pr. 

Inklusive moms.


Vælg mellem print på kanvas og print på aluminium – to eksklusive løsninger som bringer 'galleristemningen' indenfor. 

Både kanvasprint og aluprint er meget  elegante og holdbare løsninger som tåler rengøring med en fugtig klud.

Forventet leveringstid: 7-10 arbejdsdage

This boardwalk – Elleskovstien (‘Alder forest path)’ is a wooden boardwalk that takes you through a small flooded alderforest on the northeastern side of lake Sjaelsoe (Sjælsø), Northern Zealand in Denmark. 

Walking the path can easily take your imagination for a ride. Follow the path all the way to the lake shore and turn right along the lake. After a short walk you’ll pass by a former manor house – Nebbegaard. Through the years it has has been owned/used by an odd blend of people – a farmer, several noble families, a charity foundation and lastly by two different schools.

The place was abandoned in 2010 and stands ghostlike empty today – a perfect addition to the boardwalk and a chance to let your imagination run wild a little more. There are several plans to restore the place to its former glory and bring life back to the old buildings.


Any time of year a walk in the woods around Nebbegaard is well worth a turn from the main road around Hørsholm – take a quiet walk in the woods and let your imagination run free.