Entrance under terraces

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Terrasserne – Luftfoto af området på Hørsholm Kirkegård som hedder Terrasserne.

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It goes without saying :-)

When seen this way with the South-Eastern entrance to Hoersholm Cemetery below a section of the cemetery called ‘The Terraces’. 

These areas are part of the ‘New cemetery’ from 2003. The new cemetery (or section) was designed by landscape architect Birgitte Fink in collaboration with the employees and board of directors from the cemetery. 

The original Hørsholm cemetery was planned in 1801 and founded in 1807. (It must be a coincidence that the British paid Copenhagen a couple of visits those same years.) 

At that time Hirschholm parish (Hørsholm sogn) was the poorest in Northern Zealand and only around 1000 people lived in the town - in spite of the fact that the town had been home to a royal castle – Hirschholm Castle that had been abandoned by the court only 36 years before. 

Along with the expansion of the town, the cemetery grew along with it. 9 times through the years, new sections have been designed and added to the cemetery area - all the different sections each with their own unique design - and all worth visiting. It’s easy to appreciate the different sections when walking around - but seeing the cemetery from above really lets you enjoy the different patterns of each section.