For Swans and dogs

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En vinterdag ved Slotssøen om Hørsholm Kirke

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A cold winters day at Hoersholm Church.
The church is only the latest instalment on the small holm. Since the middle ages, there have been castles built on the site.

The most famous was the last castle – Hirschholm Castle. Finished in 1744, the castle was called ‘Versailles of the Nordics’ and boasted 250 rooms. Inspired by the real Versailles, all door locks were made of silver (?!).

In 1771 the wife of King Christian 7th, Queen Caroline Mathilde and the King’s personal physician, Johan F. Struensee, spent most of their time here. Struensee eventually fell from grace and was accused of high treason – had his hand cut off before also his head, arms and legs were taken.

The queens marriage with the king was cancelled and she was exciled to Celle in Germany, where she lived out the rest of her life. They were kind of picky about royal affairs and high treason in those days ;-). (The queen and Struensee had a child together, it was never proven that Struensee was the father, but no one had any doubt – the king’s mental state considered.)

If you can’t be bothered studying up on that part of Danish history, you should at least see the film ‘A royal affair’ – it tells the story of the Queen and Struensee – well worth a watch ;-)

After the ‘affair’, the castle was more or less abandoned and finally, in 1813 the castle was demolished, the stones were used to rebuild Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. In 1823, the new Baroque-styled church was inaugurated.

Today, the church grounds and surrounding park are popular places to visit. Do bring your dog, they’re free to run and play in the park – oh, in the spring and summer, newlywed couples do sometimes have to mind their steps when shooting photos in the park – swans and dogs alike don’t care if dresses are brand new or just washed :-D