Hidden by nature

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Luftfoto af Grønholt Voldsted – et sommerfotografi, hvor de grønne trætoppe næsten skjuler det gamle voldsted helt.

Vælg mellem print på kanvas og print på aluminium – to eksklusive løsninger som bringer 'galleristemningen' indenfor. 

Både kanvasprint og aluprint er meget  elegante og holdbare løsninger som tåler rengøring med en fugtig klud.

Forventet leveringstid: 7-10 arbejdsdage

When the trees are green, you can only see a small patch of water, when looking from above – it could just as well be a small stream in the forest.

Hidden beneath the canopy, lies Groenholt Rampart, a small ‘Motte’, (Basically; a fortification with a wooden or stone keep placed on a raised area of ground called a motte, surrounded by a protective ditch and palisades.) The rampart is believed to have been built in the early (Danish) medieval period.

King Frederik 7th. undertook an archaeological excavation of the motte in the middle of the 19th century, hoping to find remnants of stone buildings. However, nothing was found and the place was left to decay. In 1936-38 the place was ‘restored’ and has since then been one of more than 1.000 protected mottes and ramparts found throughout Denmark. It is possible to walk onto the motte – be careful though, at best the small wooden walkway is very slippery.

Don’t cheat yourselft from a walk in the surrounding forest – all seasons do something wonderful for this area.