Vintermorgen på ydermolen

Udsalgspris Pris 3.200,00 kr Normalpris Stykpris  pr. 

Inklusive moms.

Tidlig vintermorgen på ydermolen af Rungsted Havn.

Vælg mellem print på kanvas og print på aluminium – to eksklusive løsninger som bringer 'galleristemningen' indenfor. 

Både kanvasprint og aluprint er meget  elegante og holdbare løsninger som tåler rengøring med en fugtig klud.

Forventet leveringstid: 7-10 arbejdsdage

I thought it was way too early. I also thought it was too cold – my fingers hated me for leaving my gloves in the car and my dog probably thought I was being mean for also leaving her in the car while I went out in the cold to catch some photos of a frozen Rungsted Harbour. This winter (2021) was one of those rare winters when we actually did have frost for more than a fortnight and Rungsted Harbour was iced in.

Both cold fingers and dog could complain all they wanted. This Sunday morning was exceptional – a clear blue sky and ‘Dead Calm’ on the Sea. Obviously I had to go to the harbour to catch those first rays of sun when they hit, slowly turning the harbour from a dark blue to a golden glow. In a short window of time (right after ‘The Golden Hour’), sunlight bounced off objects on the surface while keeping everything below in dark blue.

Even I stopped complaining about the cold, after I met some of the smiling people, who were also out enjoying the cold morning – some couldn’t wait for the ice to melt, before going in for a quick swim. (I settled for my gloves and a happy dog)