Moon over the Cavalier Building

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Kavalérbygningen I Hørsholm ved fuldmåne.

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Usually, Hoersholm Slotspark (Castle Park) around Hoersholm Church is where I can take my dog and she can run free with other dogs. When I brought her along for a night-shoot, she stayed in the car and let me go out in the cold to ‘bark at the moon’ :-) I was fortunate enough to catch a photo of the old Cavalier building next to the park, before my dog insisted on going home.

The Cavalier building was built as living quarters for the people of the royal Danish Court (cavaliers), the Castle Manager with family and servants at Hirschholm Castle. It was built over several stages from 1724-1744. Today the castle is long gone, but people still live in the beautiful Cavalier building.

Together with other protected buildings in the area, the Cavalier Building is physical testament to the once (glorious) past og Hoersholm as planned royal residence. The grand plans for the castle and town however, were never carried out. 

After ‘A Royal Affair’ between Queen Caroline Mathilde and the king’s personal doctor J.F. Struensee had ended with the queen being exiled and Struensee executed, the castle was abandoned in 1772 and eventually torn down in 1810-12. (Some of the stones from the castle were used to rebuild the royal castle in Copenhagen after a fire.)

Where Hoersholm Castle stood we now have Hoersholm Church and a beautiful park, that looks over at the old Cavalier building and former stables of the castle.