Where Creatures Hide

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Inklusive moms.

“Lille Frises Eng” (Little Frise’s Meadow) in Fole-have Forest, Horsholm, DK has so much for every season. On early spring mornings you have only a small window to catch the frost in the grass when the sun comes out. But if you make it in time, you can pick up some fantastic views. Almost right for ghosts, trolls, gnomes, elves and all the others running to get out of your frame before you spot them :-D

And, if you wait just 5 minutes, you have a com-pletely different setting. With places like these, you can get all the different settings and moods you’ll ever want in one morning – you just need patience and a little bit of imagination.

I know this place isn’t Hoersholm Castle Church, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or Lake Victoria – only a small livestock hut, black trees, frozen grass and a small pond on a meadow. But this small meadow in Folehave Forest is practically on our doorstep here in Hoersholm, and a fantastic place for a quiet morning walk.

If you don’t want complaints from cold fingers, you can wait until later on in the spring when the weather gets warmer and everything turns green – you might even find orchids in bloom.